The Nose Project

In 2008 Sclavi created a sharing space and wall piece to reflect women’s opinions about their noses.  Sclavi notes, “As a teenager, I recall being obsessed about my somewhat large, Italian nose, and I remember hearing similar complaints from my peers.  We all wanted the same thing yet lacked it: straight hair, straight teeth, and little button noses!”

In this project, Sclavi interviews adult women about their noses – hates, loves, and experiences.  The interviews were held at  a “Nose Appreciation Party,” which included dinner, nose decorations, and an interview area.  In the interview, Sclavi created a wax casting of the participant’s nose, and asked them about their experience with their nose along with a drawing of it.  After, Sclavi created encaustic paintings which provided the nose casting, photo, and inscribed text from the interview.