Homeskooled Gallery Storefront

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Through collaboration with local groups, HomeSkooled Gallery (HSG) creates welcoming spaces for the community to interact with contemporary art.These experiences empower people to create, share, and value their own works as artistic expressions.

from January 2008 to Feburary 2012, Sclavi collaborated with three other artists (Lauren Brown, Ellen Owens, Kevin Schott) on a project called Homeskooled Gallery. What began as group art show exhibitions in our living room with a dj morphed into a large, interactive art space headquartered at an unused retail space on South Street in Philadelphia as part of the Arts on South program.  The group held monthly art shows and events in the space, including “artluck” parties, meant to share both art skills and food, a three story blanket fort installation with interactive art activities inside, open art studio, and other activities.